You can use the applicator brush to paint the legs, belly, mane, tail, ears, face (avoiding the eyes), and anywhere else you see eggs and bits. Or you can make your own wipe. Here's How.

Using Fiske’s as a “Summer Wipe”

Fiske's Hoof and Hide Balm Fly DeterentStep 1: What you will need:

  • Zip lock bag
  • Piece of cloth (flannel or other absorbent material works best)
  • Fiske’s Hoof and Hide Balm

Fiskes Horse Fly DeterentStep 2: Fold and place the cloth into the ziplock bag and pour Fiske’s Hoof and Hide Balm into the bag.

Step 3: Close the bag and squish it around until the cloth is saturated.

Step 4: Take the cloth out of the bag and wipe onto your horse in the areas you desire (careful around eyes).

Step 5: Replace cloth into ziplock bag and add more Fiske’s Hoof and Hide Balm so it’s ready for next time.

Simple! Plus very easy to transport the ziplock bag and cloth with you on your ride! ENJOY!

Fiskes as a horse, fly, bug and tick detterent.Applying Fiskes as a bug and tick detterent on horses and donkeys.Applying Fiskes to deter flys, ticks and bugs from horses.

Here is what Fiske's users have to say about Fiske's and Bugs!


Controls infection of wounds – repels flies & other bugs.

Use it on your horse’s sheath, face, other delicate areas/ and or body – paint it on and rub it in. Sure beats using chemical sprays on those tender areas! Gives instant relief from bad bug bites as well as disinfects the area!

July 5th – Laura in Saskatchewan writes – “I have a donkey that is very sensitive to fly bites.  The situation is getting desperate.  He's so unhappy and in pain and itching.  We have a lady making him donkey pants for his front legs but we'll still need something to protect his back legs, chest and shoulders.”

We recommended Laura use Fiske’s, and on July 11th, she reports:   
“I just wanted to let you know that out of all the products we've used on Jackie, Fiske's Hoof and Hide is the only one that has any lasting fly repellant effects.  Thank you so much for recommending this. Plus his wounds are healing up already. He is a much happier donkey!”

Farrier Jean Pasche says: “On the long May week end I went camping with my horses to Spruce Woods and the sand flies where terrible so I used the Fiske’s product on my horses and myself and to my surprise it worked!  The flies did not land where I applied the product and my horse was happy.”  June 2010


Hi Melanie, “I bought your product while you were here in Calgary for the Masters. I had to write to tell you that this product is fantastic! Right now THE BUGS are terrible...driving the horses crazy.

I covered one side of my horse with your product, the other with a leading insect repellent. Today I checked and the side with that leading insect repellent is covered in bug bites, sweat marks, bug eggs and lumps where he was bitten ... but the Fiske side -- nothing!

Also as an added bonus, my horse hates that leading insect repellent's smell (chemicals), I have a difficult time wiping his face around his eyes and in his nostrils...  your product he doesn't complain about at all.  I will definitely be buying it again and again.  Love it.” --Calgary horse owner, Thanks, Janet Cameron
Wood Ticks

"I LOVE Fiske’s Animal Care Products!  It's keeping the wood ticks away! We need Fiske’s to come in a fly / tick spray!! I pulled hundreds of ticks off of the boys on the weekend, then last night I used an entire tub of the Fiske’s Skin & Wound Salve on their private parts, ears and bellies, and tonight NO wood ticks on those areas, but there were ticks on the areas that I didn't use it on.“ - Cheryl, Manitoba


"The horse flies here are terrible in the summer, and particularly pester my mares despite daily applications of spray and our best efforts, making their chests one big bumpy, itch, flaky, hairless mass of bug bites and small wounds.  As I was using your wonderful Fiske's product on hooves, bare patches and small wounds, I painted the bug bites on the mares' chests, around their ears and under their jaws with Fiske's.   What a transformation!   They seemed to feel relief immediately after I applied the product.  The itching, flakiness and discomfort were gone immediately and the flies have stopped biting in those areas, allowing the hair to re-grow.   My mares are so much more comfortable too. What a wonderful product!  Is there any end to what it can do for horses, hounds and humans? I won't be without it.” - Pamela Allen-LeBlanc, Agr., MBA, Natural Horsemanship Instruction, Durham Bridge, New Brunswick, Canada,


"Went out last night about dark and found both horses pretty covered in mosquitoes. I remembered what you said that Fiske's works on horse flies, so I brought  out the Fiske’s Hoof & Hide Balm and put a bunch on a rag and wiped them down. Gave them a good covering of it. This morning there was only one mosquito. I'll do another wipe down today. They didn't mind it at all, even around and in their ears."  - Maja,  Alberta

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